Eerie Seram!

Eeire in Indonesian language is : Seram, menakutkan.

This photo was taken at Wado Kaihou at Saitama, Japan. They dug copper from here to make Japanese coins.

Yes, I was imagining somebody or something hiding at the end of the path !!!

participating :  Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie


Good Morning!

Another day has just begun….
I always start my morning with a view of the rising sun from my apartment’s balcony.


It could be like this:


or like this

kissed by the sun

sometimes the sun did not appear

pink and blue morning

but still it is interesting to watch the sun coming up and greet us “Good Morning!”

And in the west side I can see the birds make formation, maybe to start their journey to the south.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning!